Sorbatti Master Milliner Hat Maker

Our Milliner or hat maker, was founded in 1922 by Attilio and Ester Sorbatti. It is now lead by the grandchildren, Marco and Attilio, with the fourth generation of SORBATTI, Daniele, now following in his great grand parents footsteps.

The Sorbatti family originate from the capital of the Italian hat-making industry; a small village called Montappone, in the Marche Region of central Italy. The family Sorbatti have practiced and perfected the craft of millinery for almost a century and passionately believe that craftsmanship is fundamental and central to the character of their business.

Sorbatti Master Milliner Hat Maker

"We deliver a professional, flexible and dynamic approach these are the strengths on which Sorbatti has built its manufacturing reputation. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology, passion and expertise."
Marco Sorbatti

The art of weaving the traditional Ecuadorian toquilla straw hat was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2012. The skill of weaving the finest “Monticristro superfinos” is today in the hands of fewer than a dozen Ecuadorian master weavers.The toquilla straw used in our Panama hats is handwoven in a small village near Montecristi in Ecuador before being exported to Italy for hand forming and finishing into a timeless, must-have accessory.

We are proud to partner with Marco and all the artisans at Sorbatti. All of our hat products are co-branded with the name of the makers;


Toquilla Hats



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