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Did you know that the 'Made in Italy' label does not always mean that the product is actually made in Italy?  Confused? Let us explain. 

It is common practice within luxury fashion to produce almost an entire product in a country where labour and raw materials are considerably less expensive, before finishing the final production step in Italy. This is done so that the product can be labelled 'Made in Italy' and sold with the higher price which the label commands. The practice of cutting cost & quality corners is now threatening the very lifeblood of craftsmanship, the livelihoods to the artisans themselves. We felt this was not right.

Our commitment towards transparency ensures every Italian artisan who works on our products is acknowledged and remunerated fairly for their craft and expertise.

We don't just label our products 'Made in Italy', we 100% prove they are.  

training the next generation of


What all Grandmasters have in common is the challenge to identify the next generation of apprentices. The youngest apprentice at our cashmere weaver is forty five years old and has been 'learning' for the past twenty years. Through dedication, training and perseverance, the apprentice may one day become the Master. 

By joining our Crafted Society, you too value the poetry created by the hands of excellence. This is why we give back 1% of our sales (yes that's right, sales not profits) towards scholarship programmes aimed at educating the next generation.

using only the highest quality italian materials

GOLD Standard

Our quality control is a meticulous process, known as our Gold Standard towards excellence.

We choose only the highest quality materials and cut no corners on cost. Our leathers are sourced from some of the leading certified Italian tanneries with our outsoles manufactured by the leading Italian rubber sole company Margom S.P.A. Even our shoe boxes are sourced from small Italian artisans just 10 kilometers from our sneaker atelier.

Our cashmere is the finest in the world and the fibres originate from Inner Mongolia's certified suppliers. They are then spun into luxurious yarns by the best spinners Italy has to offer.

The hardware, which is often produced in cheaper countries, is also proudly crafted in Italy. Buckles, closings and other brassware are all crafted by master brownsmiths in the Marche region.

Our gold standard raw-material selection delivers an exquisite quality for an unrivalled price but we will let you be the judge of that.

democratising luxury by selling directly to you

luxury products without the luxury price tag

Luxury for good is our mission, but it also acts as our moral compass when setting our pricing and our pricing needs to be good for you.

We do not believe in ridiculously overpriced products marketed at just 1% of the population. We get stoked from being inclusive not exclusive.

So how can we offer unparalleled Italian quality, best-in-class grandmaster craftsmanship and gold standard materials, all for a fraction of the traditional price?

Easy. We sell directly to you without the middlemen. We do not wholesale meaning we do not incur the costs that come with distributors and retail store margins, we do not have large fancy offices, we do not run expensive advertising campaigns with expensive models and we do not have large flagship stores on very expensive shopping streets.

We have stripped out all of the (unnecessary) overhead which ultimately creates overly exaggerated prices charged by the traditional brands. We mark up our products just three and a half times (inclusive of VAT) instead of the customary seven to ten times. We then pass these cost savings over to you in the form of fairer prices.

You win, our artisans win, which collectively means, we all win. Simple.




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Educating the next generation

1% pledge

You purchase. We pledge. 

1% of our turnover is donated to educational causes that provide access to quality education for the next generation. Only through knowledge sharing can we preserve a Crafted Society.

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