Vincenzo Torresi - Father

As the demand for our sneakers continues to accelerate, we have added the cordwainers at Laboratorio Artigiani Torresi to our artisan portfolio. Based in Marche and formed by master shoemaker Vincenzo more than 40 years ago, Toressi is a family run business making exquisite shoes for the past four decades.

Vincenzo’s son, Matteo, who has been learning from his father for the past ten years is now tasked with leading the family operations along with his wife Jose. Matteo is starting early, however, with the indoctrination to the art of shoemaking of the next generation, as his 3 year old son is now starting to watch his father in his atelier ensuring the Torresi legacy within shoemaking will continue for years to come.  


 Crafted Society 'Matteo' chunky sneaker

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