Lanificio Arca Cashmere Weaver

Cashmere Weaver

Our cashmere scarves have been crafted by the master weavers at Lanificio Arca, a 70-year-old company based in Tuscany. They have been weaving the finest natural yarns into fabrics since Cino Cini started his company in 1947. Social responsibility is in the family Cini DNA and they have been instrumental in supporting the realisation of Crafted Society.

"One of my employees is 76 years old. They still have poetry in their hands, but we need young people to come in and learn and that ultimately takes time and money. Crafted Society is helping us to ensure that the next generation can follow in my grandfather's footsteps."
M Cini

Cino had such a passion and desire for his craft to be continued, he passed his knowledge down to his son Fabrizio. Fabrizio followed in true Cini tradition and intuitively educated the next generation of Cini’s on the art of weaving the finest cashmere yarns. Today, Lanificio Arca is led by Cini’s grandson; Marco Cini and his wife, Cristina.

Cashmere Throw

Marco remains committed to his ancestry by continuing to weave their luxurious fabrics using age-old techniques and antique mechanical looms. Lanificio Arca expertly crafts finished scarves, capes, throws and homeware for many of the leading luxury brands and finest hotels, around the world. The company has more than 30 artisans on staff, and some like Bruna & Albertina Benigni, Roberta Belli and Aldo Barni have been consistently delivering their craft for multiple decades at the family-run company. The Cini’s are strong supporters of “keeping the crafts alive” and passing on knowledge to the next generation of artisans.  

Aldo Barni is Lanificio Arca’s loom expert. The master weaver can hear through the sound of 25 looms operating at the same time. He is known by many as the looming doctor and his unique ear can not only detect if a loom has a problem, but also, which loom as well as pinpointing the exact problem. Lanificio's most recent apprentice, Simone Barni, has been perfecting his craft at Cini’s atelier for the past 25 years, under the watchful eye of his father and loom grandmaster, Aldo.

We are proud to partner with Marco and his team and in doing so we proudly co-brand all of our products with the name of the makers;


Cashmere Scarf

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