Unisex | Trilby Panama Hat | White Toquilla | Olive Multi Band | Made in Italy


Only 1 piece available!

Our Trilby Panama hat has been handcrafted and finished by Sorbatti, in the Italian hat-capital of Montappone. Detailed with a Olive multi grosgrain band and our iconic gunmetal scissors, this white version is hand-woven from durable, lightweight toquilla straw, in Ecuador. If you're packing it for a warm-weather getaway, be sure to fill it with tissue paper to keep the shape crisp. Made in Italy.

  • White classic Trilby Panama hat with Olive Grey Beige Band
  • Pinched in the front
  • Spot clean
  • Co-branded with name of the milliners at Sorbatti


  • 100% toquilla straw

    The toquilla straw (Panama) hat is woven from fibres from a palm tree characteristic on the Ecuadorian coast. Coastal farmers cultivate the toquillales and harvest the stems before separating the fibre from the green outer skin. This is boiled to remove chlorophyll and dried for subsequent bleaching with sulfur over a wood fire. Weavers take this raw material and begin weaving the crown and the brim of the hat. Weaving a hat can take from one day to eight months, depending on the quality and finesse.

  • Grosgrain ribbon: 60% acetate, 40% polyester
  • Browband: 100% cotton


Do not get your straw hat wet, it will not like it.. But it happens sometimes, in which case, wipe off the visible water with a dry lint free cloth, turn out the sweatband and dry it in a cool dry place with good airflow.
Always handle your hat by the brim, many people pinch it in the 'pinched' parts at the top, however, this will cause the straw to crack in the end. Dust your hat off with soft bristled brush. When putting your hat down on a flat surface, lay it upside down on its crown, not on its brim. Leaving it on its brim will cause it to flatten out and change shape. You can also hang your hat on a hat rack or peg.
Avoid contact with water, heat, perfume or cleaning agent.

Meet the Maker

Sorbatti Hats – Milliners

Our hat makers (Milliners) were founded in 1922 by Attilio and Ester Sorbatti. It is now lead by the grandchildren, Marco and Attilio, with the fourth generation of SORBATTI, Daniele, now following in his great grandparents footsteps. Sorbatti originates from the capital of the Italian hat-making industry; a small village called Montappone, in the Marche Region of central Italy. The family Sorbatti have practiced and perfected the craft of millinery for almost a century and passionately believe that craftsmanship is fundamental and central to the character of their business.

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