Belts sizing

2.0 cm belt:

  • 5 holes either side to ensure correct fit
  • 65-85cm fits waist sizes:
    24inch, 25inch, 26inch, 27inch, 28inch, 29inch
  • 80-100cm fits waist sizes:
    28inch, 29inch, 30inch, 31inch, 32inch, 33inch, 34inch
  • Height: 2.0cm

If you are between sizes, it’s generally advisable to go up to the larger belt size. You may also want a slightly larger size if you plan to wear your belt both at the waist and around the hips. The low rise fit of a hip belt requires a larger size than what you would need to wear only around your waist.

4.0cm Belt:

  • 5 holes either side to ensure correct fit
  • 85-100cm fits waist sizes:
    30inch, 31inch, 32inch, 33inch, 34inch, 35inch
  • 95-115cm fits waist sizes:
    35inch, 36inch, 37inch, 38inch, 39inch, 40inch
  • Height: 4.0cm

If you are between a 34inch (95cm) waist and a 36inch waist (100cm) you may want to go up a strap size for extra comfort and additional length.