The Real Threat Facing Italian Craftsmanship

The Real Threat Facing Italian Craftsmanship

Our friends at Good is the New Cool invited our founder Martin and our Cashmere weaving partner Marco Cini to discuss our broader objectives within our mission of using #luxuryforgood at their March 2021 European virtual festival; GOODCON 


Crafted Society was recognised as a pioneer in the space of using luxury as a force for good and was part of a lineup of international speakers from Fortune 500 companies to solution oriented environmental tech start-ups. Their interview reached a global audience of more than twenty thousand entrepreneurs and working professionals across a wide variety of industries, all looking to be inspired by how purpose can trump profit in a capitalistic society.


The interview was recorded and both Martin and Marco share their passion for the preservation of exquisite craftsmanship, doing ethical justice to the 'Made in Italy' label, the role the younger generation can play and the meaning behind Martin and Lise's new nickname of #truffledogs 

We hope you will be inspired by the conversation.



Top tip: Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones are the authors of the purpose driven book; Good is the new Cool: Market like you give a damn and their latest book; Good is the new Cool; The principles of purpose. If you have not read them, put them on your wish list to be inspired and gain first hand knowledge of why living and working in a purpose lead economy has the power to change both industry and lives simultaneously. Books are available via

Afdhel is also a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine. Click here for our @Forbes feature 




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