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About us

Crafted Society is Lise Bonnet & Martin Johnston and we are proud parents to Skye; 7 and Astin; 4. In 2015, we decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue a lifelong dream; to fuse our passion for design and exquisitely crafted lifestyle products with our personal commitment to inspire our children and give back to society. Our first installment of inspiration came when visiting our friends, Lucy & Gaurav. They have been championing their own cause for several years; child day care centers in the slums of Delhi. {They fund their impact directly via their business in Dubai.} We visited the center and met with the thankful children, walked through the slums and heard first hand how their center equated to hope for the locals. India has much to inspire, and it did not disappoint us. It was a magical trip which laid the foundation for how we wanted to set up our own business.

- How a husband and wife went on a two year journey to find their crafted society -

Our Journey

From the very first day we knew exactly what we wanted to create. The question was by whom? We wanted to work with the very best artisans but it was not easy to find them, as luxury houses do not, {as a general rule} list their manufacturing partners. In fact, the entire luxury apparel and footwear industry, generally, treats their supply chain as a trade secret, a fact that would later inspire us to do things differently. 

To move forward with our project we decided to go in search of the mythical artisans and headed for Italy. After explaining our dream to several friends it wasn’t long before we found ourselves in Florence, Italy. We were introduced to Lanificio Arca, a family run textile weaver on the outskirts of Florence, who have been weaving Cashmere and cashmere blends on antique shuttle looms, for the past 70 years. From Tuscany we headed to Marche where we met with the shoemakers at IFG and hat makers from Sorbatti before discovering the denim tailors at Laboratorio Imjit35020. Master artisans did exist after all.

Our journey to discover our purpose had begun.

Over the course of several months, we frequently visited the artisans to learn more about them, their craft, their history and their challenges. While listening to their stories it occurred to us that they all faced one particular key challenge. They struggled to identify, train and develop the next generation of artisan and therefore continue to EDUCATE new apprentices with their knowledge, skills and passion for craftsmanship. The artisans’ struggle to find new talent because, in general, very little is known of these highly skilled craftsmen. They operate, within an industry which generally hides behind conformity & SECRECY.




We had discovered our PURPOSE.





It will not be easy, nor smooth, BUT then change never is.


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” - Socrates




Preservation of Craftsmanship

Many of the age-old techniques and skills of craftsmanship are in real danger of becoming extinct due to many macro issues in the world today such as mass production, irresponsible consumption, and the choice of fast fashion over artisanal, sustainably crafted, high quality goods.

We made a commitment to preserve a Crafted Society; which is the inspiration for our name. We do this by positioning ourselves through our Luxury for GOOD™ philosophy and have set three key goals in our mission to keep the crafts alive.



            i) Identifying the next generation of Masters’ and facilitating the EDUCATIONAL transfer of knowledge from Master to apprentice.

        ii) To balance the economic scales between brands and artisans by EDUCATING & PLATFORMING WHO the true heroes of luxury; the craftsman and craftswoman, actually are.

            iii) To help return the label “Made in Italy” back to its rightful place, as the global authority on quality, craftsmanship, honesty and integrity by an EDUCATIONAL commitment towards transparency, ethics, sustainability and social responsibility.


Luxury For Good™

The support the EDUCATIONAL impact we make requires funding, so we decided to place GIVING at the centre of our brand and business model. With every purchase we give 10% of our profits to not-for-profit organisations that share our PURPOSE to use the beauty of human excellence and craftsmanship to

 inspire, empower & educate the future generations.



We actively support and partner with not-for-profit organisations who share our values and philosophy of providing quality education {United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4} for our future generations regardless of their social circumstances.


To date we have partnered with:


Fondazione Cologni ~ Milano, Italy

Inter Campus ~ Milano, Italy

Everton Football Club in the Community ~ Liverpool, UK 

Harmony House ~ Delhi, India

Charlton Athletic Football Club Community Trust ~ London, UK


If you are an education-focused NGO and would like to partner with us please contact us at