Enjoy privileged access to the world’s finest quality products, with a subscription that secures the future of the Artisans that create them.


We’ve placed the artisans who make our products back where they belong: at the heart of the story. Your Crafted Society subscription will help ensure their skills survive and thrive.

Our 'Club' and 'Sole' subscriptions are part of our mission to democratise the world of luxury. This revolutionary approach enables us to showcase our makers and compensate them above industry standards, all while bringing you closer to factory prices.

*Membership discount not applicable to Made-to-order pieces

Choose the subscription that suits you

Choose from two subscriptions. The Crafted Society Club is for lovers of luxury who want complete flexibility for a remarkable price. For the committed shoe addict, we’ve created the Crafted Sole Society - the shoe subscription with club benefits.

Crafted Society Club

120year /12month*

  • 40% personal discount on the entire collection all year round

  • Early access to new product

  • Pay for your annual subscription monthly or yearly

  • Exclusive access to secret sales and members only product

  • Share discount with family and friends - terms and conditions apply

Crafted Sole Society

780year /75month*

  • 4 pairs of Italian made Shoes per year at a fraction of the price delivered for free.

  • Choose which sneakers and size you want.

  • Feeling generous? Gift one of your pairs.

  • Pay monthly or yearly for your annual subscription.

  • Includes Crafted Society Club membership        


Democratising luxury

Traditional (luxury) brands mark up their products between 8-10 times their cost price. Not us. We decided from the start that we would cut out any unnecessary margins. And now to truly democratise luxury with our Subscriptions we bring our customer even closer to the Artisan and factory price. More than any other brand.

Why is our Cost to produce higher than other brands? Well, we design the products we would like to wear ourselves. This means we invest more on the best quality leathers, detailing, insoles, lining and other materials. We also make sure that all the components come from within our artisans region to make our carbon footprint smaller. Even our shoeboxes come from the region.