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Learn more about our approach to Sustainability

We meticulously source best-in-class artisans in Italy to produce our shoes, bags, jeans, homeware and accessories. Our raw, natural materials are chosen to meet strict sustainability requirements, protecting local people and businesses and our planetary resources. We are committed to transparency in everything we do which is why we list all of our suppliers. This section will be continually updated on our commitment towards supporting the United Nations 2030 SDG’s {Sustainable Development Goals} and incorporating key goals into our Sustainability strategy.

We are striving to continuously improve and learn more progressive and objective methods in our journey towards sustainable development. We are not yet there, but we have consciously committed to act efficiently and effectively in regards to our planetary resources.

100% Transparency of our Suppliers

Finished goods (Primary level supplier)

Trims, hardware & packaging (Secondary level suppliers)

Raw materials (Tertiary level suppliers)



Finished Denim: Laboratorio IMJIT35020, Due Carrare, Padova, Italy. E: info@imjit35020.com

Finished Footwear: IFG, Corridonia, Marche, Italy

E: ifg.giacomo@alice.it

Finished Scarves: Lanificio Arca, Prato, Tuscany

E: siriana@lanificioarca.it

Finished Hats: Sorbatti, Montappone, Italy

E: daniele@sorbatti.it



Woven labels: SEAB, Pistoia, Italy

Tissue Paper: Tipografia Thomas, Prato, Italy

Buttons & Rivets: Spring 85, Maserà di Padova, Italy

Grossgrain: Angelo Valera, Concorezza, Italy

Hat Boxes: SIFA, Francavilla d’ete, Italy

Shoe & Hat Boxes: Scatolificio La Cupoletta, Corridonia, Italy

Moulds Hats: Gerardi, Signa, Italy

Dustbags: Pieroni Anastassio, Monteurano, Italy

Moulds Footwear & Hats: Timbrificio Rossi, Corridonia, Italy

Insole: Caiffaroni, Corridonia, Italy

Laces: Eros, Monte San Pietrangeli, Italy

Hardware footwear: Pieroni, Monte Urano, Italy

Printer Scarves: Digital Group, S’Egidio alla Vibrata, Italy



Footwear leather tannery: FAEDA, Montorso Vicentino, Italy www.faeda.com {member of the Leather Working Group


Leather lining: Conceria Tirrena, Civitanova, Italy

Outsoles shoes: Margom, Civitanova, Italy www.margom.it

Cashmere/Silk yarn: Filatura di Trivero, Gaglianico, Italy


Denim Fabric: Berto, Bovolenta, Italy www.berto.it

Toquilla straw: Cuenca, Ecuador