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Crafted Society is proud to support the positive impact programmes of Inter Campus, the social responsibility programme of FC Inter Milan. In keeping with our philosophy of using Luxury for good, we support Inter Campus and their far-reaching social impact activity. For this special project, we have collaborated with Roger Selden, a prominent Milan-based artist. Selden married the idea of using sport as a positive social tool with that of his artistic craft. Together with Roger, we have chosen Inter Campus as our preferred GOOD CAUSE Partner for this collaboration and have partnered together to support the Inter Campus activity in Bosnia Herzegovina during the Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018. 5% of net sales generated {through the sale of our limited-edition cashmere scarves} will go to support the efforts of religious and social integration for children in Bosnia. The scarves are hand crafted by our artisan partner, Lanificio Arca, in Tuscany, Italy.

"I had the chance to follow my dream in life, now I'd like all the children in the world to be able to follow their dreams, whatever they might be." Inter Campus Ambassador - Luis Figo


Positively impacting communities in Bosnia Herzegovina

Our contribution will assist in improving and consolidating the Inter Campus activity in Sarajevo and Domanovici, near Mostar, where the objective is ethnic and religious integration of underprivileged children. In Sarajevo, Inter Campus includes children of various ethnicities, who come from socially and economically vulnerable households. In Domanovici, the project represents the only integration experience for 100 Muslim and Christian students that normally go to separate schools. Thanks to Inter Campus the children will play together with no boundaries. The programme in Bosnia will take place in the Fall of 2017 and we will provide updates along with an Impact report once concluded.


About Inter Campus

Since 1997 Inter Campus gives back the Right to Play to thousands of children-in-need, using the values of sport and the game of football as an educational tool. Inter Campus contributes to the development of the local communities, supporting educational, social and sanitary protection programs, all carried out by local partners. Moreover, Inter Campus promotes social integration among differing ethnic groups and cultures.