Lanificio Arca

Cristina Sparkling Cashmere | Silk | Lurex| Luxury Scarf | Silver Grey | Made in Italy


The Cristina scarf literally sparkles, meaning it is perfect for Christmas and all special occasions. Nothing says luxury quite like cashmere.

The Cristina cashmere scarf has been crafted in Tuscany, Italy from an airy cashmere, silk & lurex blend. Lovingly named after the artisan who created it.

  • Silver Grey Scarf
  • Fringed ends
  • One size (200cm x 80cm)
  • Co-branded with name of Lanificio Arca
  • Made in Italy
  • Presented in a gift box


  • 67% cashmere, 30% silk, 3% Lurex

    Our cashmere is widely regarded as the finest in the world. It is so fine that 100.000 meters can be spun with just 1kg of yarn.  The cashmere goats we use originate from Inner Mongolia where the climatic conditions lend themselves to producing finest cashmere in the world. From there the highest grade fibres arrive in Italy at Filatura di Trivero Srl in Gaglianico, where they are spun into yarn and traded to the most renowned weavers and luxury houses on the planet. Filatura di Trivero also create the highest quality cashmere blends such as our cashmere/silk, cashmere/linen, cashmere/wool. Together with our partner, Lanifico Arca, we weave the selected yarns into products that truly reflect our approach towards creating sustainable luxury accessories.

  • The cashmere silk lurex blend will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. An all year round accessory which suits every occasion.


Like all hair, cashmere likes to be freshened up from time to time. Put the scarf in the washing machine on a cold hand wash only program once or twice a year to ensure sure the fibers don't dry out and maintains a long life. Dry flat on a towel. Do NOT tumble dry.

Meet the Maker

Lanifico Arca – Cashmere Weavers

Our cashmere scarves and throws have been expertly crafted by the master weavers at Lanificio Arca, a 70 year old company based in Tuscany. They have been weaving the finest natural premium fibre yarns into fabrics since Cino Cini started his company in 1947. Third generation Cini family member, Marco & wife Cristina, now lead their global business in producing the finest cashmere accessories for the most important Italian and French fashion houses. They have been instrumental in the development of our business and were our first artisan workshop to support our goal to preserve a Crafted Society.

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