Ales Pelletterie

Bespoke Shoe Care Kit - Black Saffiano Leather - Handcrafted in Italy


Only 1 piece available!

The "Shoe Care Kit" has been expertly and individually handcrafted by our master artisans in Tolentino, Central Italy. The kit comes in an elegant presentation box made from the finest calf leather which has been stamped to provide the luxurious "Safiano" effect. An ideal gift for a shoe connoisseur. 

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100% Made in Italy.

  • Black presentation box
  • Tan inner calf leather lining
  • Saffiano leather and silver shoe horn
  • Shoe polishing cloth
  • 2 tins of the finest Saphir french shoe polish (neutral and black)
  • 2 leather detailed wooden polishing brushes (soft & rigid)
  • Made in Tolentino, Italy


  • Saffiano leather

    Originally developed by an Italian Tannery for a famous Italian Luxury brand, Saffiano leather is now widely used in the fashion industry. It was originally created using the highest quality full grain calf leather. The name Saffiano comes from the cross hatch print that was pressed into the wax that coated the leather. It is water-resistant. Today many split leathers are commonly used, but not by us. Our premium full grain leather comes from Gemini 77 in Abruzzo. After selection, Gemini then applies the wax coating cross hatch print, meaning that our Saffiano stays true to the original production process.

  • Vachetta leather inner lining

    Our Vachetta is a vegetable-tanned leather with a buttery soft feel: “Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana” (Vegetable Tanned Leather of Tuscany). It comes from the Tuscan Conceria Italpel which belongs to Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale - Genuine Italian Vegetable tanned Leather Consortium.
     When first purchased Vachetta leather is a light beige colour, but it is designed to age (a process called Patina), so it will go a honey golden brown shade over the years and with use and is what makes Vachetta so unique. Patina is an unavoidable process as Vachetta is susceptible to water, stains and exposure to sunlight. Handles made from Vachetta leather can go very dark due to the grease and natural oils from your hands penetrating the leather (particularly if you wear a lot of hand cream!) The upside to Patina, is that each item which has Vachetta leather will develop its own unique characteristics. Furthermore, no two bags will age the same way. Our Vachetta has been treated with a fine wax coating to protect the Leather from deep staining, and to preserve its natural look over time.

  • Wood and leather brushes
  • Safiano leather and nickel free metal shoehorn


Seek advise from an expert before attempting anything yourself.
Protect your leather against water and dirt with a protective silicon free guard. Repeat this regularly to avoid having to clean the leather. If you do have to clean use a damp cloth to carefully remove dirt. Cleaning is an irreversible process and therefore, thorough consideration should be made before any such attempt. 
Avoid contact with water, heat, perfume and cleaning agent. 

Meet the Maker

Ales Pelletterie – Leather bags and small leather goods
For our bags and leather goods we partnered with the renowned artisans at ALES PELLETTERIE from Tolentino in the Marche region of Italy. ALES was born from the knowledge of Mestieri D'arte by highly skilled maestri artigiani - master leather artisans : They formed a new reality and much like Crafted Society, decided to challenge convention. Style, tradition and technology blend themselves to create high quality products with exquisite functional character. Inspired by the global aesthetics of modern and sustainable materials, they transmit design and creative direction into “Life Instruments” and ultimate objects of beauty. The master craftsman Sauro continually mentors the in-house artisans.

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