As the demand for our sneakers continues to accelerate, we have recently added the cordwainers at Mirage Srl to our artisan portfolio. Based in Fermo in Marche and lead by master shoemaker Ernesto, Mirage is a family run business making exquisite shoes for the past five decades. Ernesto’s son, Danilo and cousin, Giancarlo are the next family generation to lead Mirage Calzature into the future.

In 1956, a 14-year-old boy called Ernesto Nasini decided to follow his passion for shoemaking, by joining a local workshop in Le Marche. It was here that Ernesto served his apprenticeship, learning every stage of shoemaking and perfecting his craft, before starting his own workshop in 1974.

"Starting a shoe factory today is almost impossible with the local economy for footwear production. So much business has been lost to cheaper countries, that the banks are not willing to take such risks, regardless of the passion of the entrepreneur. We are delighted to work together with Crafted Society who appreciate and openly platform the skills and the artisans of our area. This is a major initiative to preserve our skills and the tradition of shoemaking in our region." Ernesto Nasini

Shoemaking was in his blood, which ultimately leads to him starting for himself. He started working out of his home, but with orders increasing due to his unique skills and friendly way of working and the increased demand of made in Italy footwear, he was soon looking for new premises, having outgrown his home.

In 1982 the municipality of Fermo provided a unique opportunity to him as a local businessman; the option to buy local land and build a factory. He decided to leap of faith. He had a young family at home but saw shoemaking as his legacy. He borrowed from the bank to realise his dream and has never looked back.

Italian Leather Sneakers

Ernesto has been a master of his craft for the past forty-five years, and a few years back was starting to think about the family business's future. Fortunately, a strong family bond morphed into the new future of Mirage Calzature which allows Ernesto to still cast his strict eye over the production process, but now with the support of his son, Danilo, to oversee sales, marketing and international expansion, and his nephew, Giancarlo to oversee material purchases and sourcing, who joined the new vision of Mirage in 1999.

Even at 63 years old, whenever we visit Mirage, Ernesto is always to be found in the workshop, ensuring that his strict standards for traditional shoemaking are continued to this day, while also sharing a friendly smile on the shop floor with their team members.

Sneakers handcrafted at Mirage are duly recognised and stamped with the name of the Artisan workshop behind the craft.

Crafted Society by Mirage Calzature Italia

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