The Future of Digital Media, IP, Music, and Retail with Chris Gannett, President of EarBuds and Founder of CGR Ventures


In episode 8 of the Masters of Craft podcast, we speak with Chris Gannett, President of EarBuds and Founder of CGR Ventures, on the future of digital media and how IP, music, and retail is about to go through an amazing transformation.

Player-coach with the benefit of experience gained from 3 exits, 3 turnarounds and 1 category-defining pivot.

In 2006, Chris left Wall Street to concentrate on building businesses in an area of consumer experience on the cusp of a convergent renaissance: content x talent x democratized marketing & distribution of entertainment and commerce. He started in Music and has worked across the highest levels of TV, Radio, Talent Management, Live Attractions and Publishing, to technologies powering advances in Advertising, Data Management, Streaming and Social Media.

Today, Chris is focused on (1) building EarBuds into a billion dollar company, (2) growing and advising a venture portfolio, and (3) supporting business students as a visitor at Washington University in St. Louis and SMU.

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