Sustainable Cashmere

Our cashmere is widely regarded as the finest in the world. It is so fine that 100.000 meters can be spun with 1kg of yarn.  Our cashmere goat originates from Inner Mongolia where the climatic conditions lend themselves to producing finest cashmere in the world.

The cashmere goat grazes the pastures in countries such as Mongolia, Iran, Pakistan and India (Kashmir). It is in Inner Mongolia though, where temperatures can plummet to minus 40 in the winter and rise to plus 40 degrees Celsius at the height of the summer. These brutal temperature extremes create fine and long hairs from which only the inner layer is used, as this part is the finest.

The wool that we use is sheared from under the neck, belly and inside of the front legs of the goat, as this is where the finest wool is found as these parts provide the greatest insulation of the goat.

The goat is sheared only once per year by local experts in the springtime, to ensure that the animal can stay cool in the summer while providing enough time to grow enough hair to insulate it in the winter. No animals are harmed during the shearing process as they are regarded as a local treasure.

Since climate plays a big role in the quality of the wool, a bad winter could result in a shortage and higher prices.

Cashmere Mongolia

Shepherds often visit travelling shearers, with their goats. The vast natural pastures of Inner Mongolia make it virtually impossible to get to the often nomadic herders without going to them. They often set up camp for a few days before moving on to the next destination.

It is very important to us that the wool we use is sustainable, we invest 100% in quality and we only buy from a certified chain of traders. This way means we pay more but also control more. 

Cashmere Wrap

There are 3 natural colours of Cashmere wool;

  • (Off) White
  • Brown
  • Grey.

We will never have a pure white in our collection, as it would mean bleaching the fibres and damaging them in the process.

Once the highest grade fibres arrive in Italy at Filatura di Trivero, they are spun into yarn and traded to the most renowned weavers and luxury houses on the planet. Together with our partner, Lanifico Arca, we weave the cashmere into products that truly reflect our approach towards creating sustainable luxury accessories.

Pure Cashmere