Nonna Maria's Recipes

Nonna Maria Pesallaccia from Corridonia, Marche is the mother of our footwear guru En'rico', and one hell of a cook, if we dare say so ourselves! 

We have always referred to our society as our extended family and what better way to share family time, than in the kitchen. We are delighted to offer some (distant) rays of sunshine from Italy and have persuaded Nonna Maria to share her family recipes. They are her gastronomical memoirs which have until now been kept a family secret, and we think this is a nice way to stay connected during this time. 

Nonna always says, "a family that cooks together, stays together" and we could not agree with her more....

Scroll down for the full recipe and instructions.  Look out for a new recipe every Friday for the next few weeks, where we will share one of her traditional Italian recipe's

In the video Nonna Maria cooks fresh pasta (the first recipe in the series) with her apprentices - our kids Skye and Astin. Truly home made ;-)


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Buon Appetito & stay safe xxx