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"My vision is of an ethically unified, transparent and more socially responsible luxury consumer goods industry. Succeeding in this would represent the (new) luxury we want to contribute towards." 
Martin Johnston, Founder, Crafted Society

Crafted Society was born out of a passion to create exquisite handcrafted products with the most talented artisans of Italy and use the products as a vehicle for positive social impact while simultaneously helping to preserve authentic and traditional craftsmanship. To preserve the crafts the artisans must transfer their knowledge to the next generation but this is an increasingly difficult task, mainly due to the 'secrecy' which has surrounded these talented humans for decades. We decided it was time to challenge convention, we decided it was time for transparency to triumph over secrecy. Traditional luxury needs a re-brand and a set of new values.

Manifesto for change

TRANSPARENCY: top-down, bottom-up

ETHICS: People and Planet before profit

SUSTAINABILITY: it's not marketing, it's real - get serious about it

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Giving back is the rule not the exception


When you wear Crafted Society, you wear a lot more than awesome sneakers and stylish accessories. You wear a symbol of a new mindset, one which embraces inclusiveness, a commitment to give back, inspire, empower and educate your fellow human beings. You support and champion transparency, ethics, sustainable business practices and social responsibility - all while looking cool - and for that, we thank you, for joining the Crafted Society.