Our ethics

"Truth never damages a cause that is just." Mahatma Gandi


Transparency is engrained into everything we do.
We meticulously source the best-in-class artisans in Italy to produce our shoes, bags, cashmere and accessories and openly platform who these talented artisans are so that others can find them too.
This is our first step in creating our circle economy for excellence and craftsmanship. As a responsible brand that is built on exquisite craftsmanship, it is our shared responsibility to ensure a constant pipeline of talented craftsmen and women and to promote them to a broader audience. By embracing transparency from our inception, we have consciously put ourselves under the magnifying glass when it comes to sustainable and ethical business practices.
Our natural raw materials are chosen to meet strict sustainability criteria focused on people and planet and we openly list all of our primary, secondary and tertiary suppliers with the hope we can inspire others to do the same.
You deserve to know the facts of where your goods were made, what they were made with and by whom were they made.



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Meet the Makers

Finished Footwear: IFG, Corridonia, Marche, Italy

E: ifg.giacomo@alice.it

Finished Footwear: Mirage Calzature Italia, Fermo, Marche, Italy

E: I nfo@miragecalzature.it

Finished Footwear: Laboratorio Artigiani Toressi, Marche, Italy

E: torr_tt@yahoo.it

Finished Cashmere: Lanificio Arca, Prato, Tuscany

E: siriana@lanificioarca.it

Finished Hats: Sorbatti, Montappone, Italy

E: daniele@sorbatti.it


Finished Leather Goods: ALES PELLETTERIE, Tolentino, Italy

E: ales@ales.it





Tissue paper: Tipografia Thomas, Prato, Italy

Grossgrain: Angelo Valera, Concorezza, Italy

Hat boxes: SIFA, Francavilla d’ete, Italy

Shoe & scarf boxes: Scatolificio La Cupoletta, Corridonia, Italy

Mould hats: Gerardi, Signa, Italy

Dustbags: Linea FashionSantorso  - Italy

Laces: Pieroni, Monte Urano, Italy www.pieronianastasio.it

Bespoke Hardware footwear & bags: Santoni, Fermo, Italy

Printer scarves & bags: Digital Group, S’Egidio alla Vibrata, Italy

Hardwear denim: Spring Spa, Italy

Hardwear bags: Erre esse S.r.l, Loro Piceno, Italy

Rubber Outsoles: Margom, Civitanova, Italy www.margom.it

EVA Outsoles: SGM, Montegranaro, Italy www.sgm.com

Last: Form Studio, Porto Sant'elpidio, Italy www.formstudio.it

Footbed: Comfort S.r.l, Montegranaro, Italy

Laser: Donati e Quintozzi, Monte Urano, Italy

Woven leather: Bottega Intreccio, Mogliani, Italy www.bottegaintreccio.it





Leather tanneries 

Conceria Alaska, San Miniato, Italy www.conceriaalaska.it

 Conceria Malaigia, Monte Urano, Italy www.malaigiapellami.it    

Conceria Querida, Santa Croce sull'Arno, Italy www.queridasrl.it

Gemini 77, Alba Adriatica, Italy www.geminisrl.com

 Italpel, Sesto san Giovanni, Italy www.italpel.it

Conceria Carpanese, Chiampo, Italy www.conceriacarpanese.com 


Organic cotton canvas

Freetime Zoeppritex Srl, Prato, Italy www.ftz.it


Cashmere yarns

Filatura di Trivero, Gaglianico, Italy, www.filaturaditrivero.it


Toquilla straw

Cuenca, Ecuador