The village of Mogliano, nestled among the hills of Macerata, has been representing for many generations one of the national references in the production of furniture, furnishing accessories and intertwined fashion accessories. Traditional expertise that the skilful artisans were able to renew over time by experimenting with new materials, techniques and formal solutions. Unique creativity that the Marche Region passes on since the Renaissance and that proudly brings exceptional manufacturing production to all corners of the globe.

Who is Bottega Intreccio?

Agusto and brother Mauro have been recreating unique objects of excellence since they were young enough to learn from both their father and grandfather before them. Augusto began the business in 1969 with Mauro following him in 1972. They intertwine and weave leather mignons, hides, cord, wicker and metals every day with passion, and the source of their greatest satisfaction? to see new ideas, drafts or simple projects materialise. The most sought-after and high quality bags take shape thanks to their hands. Master weavers born into a family of Grandmasters in the heart of the Marche region!

The "Gusto" keyring, named after the master himself. €200


The brothers clearly understand the need to pass their master craft on to the next generation of young apprentices, which is why Bottega Intreccio's new project was conceived in 2014 from the ambition to combine the artisans’ skills with the enthusiasm of new generations to create experiments, new entrepreneurial adventures and preserve the know-how that, guarded by a few experts, constitutes an essential part of our collective heritage.

Wicker, cord, leather and other materials are patiently worked following the concept studied by designers, combining experimentation and craftsmanship to produce innovation, starting from the traditional and authentic techniques handed down for centuries.

The new initiative was born by the desire of a production district renowned for its interweaving expertise, to preserve its know-how and hand on its cultural heritage to the next generations of “weavers”. Thus Carteca was conceived in 2014 (motto of Master Mauro Corradini, that in dialect means “press and join”, used to exalt the laboriousness of skilled work).

The weaving school combines the multi-decade experience of the master artisans and the ambition and energy of young apprentices. A strong network that offers know-how to the territory, handed on for centuries and developed from generation to generation.

Mogliano district has always been renowned for the intertwining craftsmanship skills but it has also become an experimentation centre related to famous brands that were able to conceive successful ideas and interweaving works with the no-how and skills of the Marche region artisans.

Through their Carteca school, they now have a real opportunity to pass on not just the excellence inherited from the territory, but also a know-how that only a few skilful weavers still preserve. A tradition that carries on with pride and that creates new opportunities for young generations through Carteca school. Collective lessons, apprenticeships at artisans’ shops, cultural meetings, collaborations with designers and universities: all of the above is covered by their teachings and has formed the basis of Bottega Intreccio’s entrepreneurial adventure.